I’m Exhausted :)

So the headers showed up this morning!  After a quick paint job they were ready to go in…


Then I started working on the tubes…


I’ll post more later… I’m beat…

Headers Should Be In Tomorrow!

I even made sure the get the right ones this time!  I’ll have to fabricate some spacers for the A/C bracket I think. Hopefully I’ll have the exhaust finished this weekend.  Was up stupid early, so time for a nap…

Doh! Wrong Parts!

So the headers I ordered turned out not to be headers…guess that explains the price. When the guy at the store realized it he ordered some in from another store for me (great customer service!) but unforrunately, they didn’t fit.  Can’t afford the ones I need right now so exhaust is on hold for now. What should I work on now?


Back At It This Week

I was out of town for the weekend so obviously didn’t get anything done.  Yesterday I leaned out the carb since it’s really too big for the motor, and installed new carb studs in the intake.  I noticed the ones there were a little short and I think were stripping out some.  That may have been letting more air in and causing some of the overheating.  Didn’t get a chance to go for a test drive, so not sure if it will make any difference.  Headers should be in tomorrow, so I’m going to try and get the exhaust cut out today.

Well… Less Air Now…

I don’t think I got it all, but it is better…. I had to change the upper radiator hose.  It was too long and sticking up higher than the radiator cap.  Still getting hot at idle, just not as fast.  Have driven enough to check trans temp under load.  It did get hot at idle too.

Air In The Cooling System

When I wiggle the top radiator hose I can hear the air pocket in there.  I’m going to try and burp the system and see what happens, also get a shorter top hose to try and get it lower than the radiator cap.  It’s a little long.  Hopefully that will help.  Since I’m going to have to pull a bunch of stuff off when I remove the exhaust manifolds off to install the headers, I might replace the head gaskets at that time too if this doesn’t help any.  We’ll see…  Still not sure why the trans is overheating though…  I wish I had enough cash to just pull the motor and rework it from the ground up.


So installed a new fan clutch, drained the radiator and added the wetter/coolant/water mixture.  Still getting hot… not “quite” as bad, but still…

Another Overheating Update

So after driving a bit today, I think the fan clutch is not engaging.  At lights, or really slow speeds, the temps climbs, but when I’m moving at a good pace, it starts to drop.  Damn thing is not that old and still looks brand new!  We’ll see if that helps, but first I’m going to drain the cooling system and do about a 15-20% coolant / 80-85% distilled water, with some water wetter and see what that does also.  Might also need to go to an external trans cooler.  It’s getting pretty hot also, 242° – 249°!  Ouch!



Got most of the pieces I need for the exhaust. Yep!  Those are Thrush glass-packs!  I really just wanted the stickers…. Headers should be in soon, then I just need to get the collectors to weld onto the pipes.

Overheating Update

After a bunch of Googling… the only things I haven’t tried are: exhaust size, fan clutch, head gasket incorrectly installed and blocking water ports.

So… I cut off the mufflers =) I currently have 2.25″ exhaust, but I think it might need to be about 2.5 for what’s been done to the motor. After a couple of (very loud =D ) test drives I did notice a slight drop in temp. Staying around 200° now instead of 210°+. It did climb to about 206° for a bit towards the end though on the last run.

Tomorrow I’m going to check the fan clutch and see if it’s engaging properly, and then finish removing the back half of the exhaust. I’ll have to see about getting some 2.5″ pipe bent into shape soon and slap some mufflers on it… The neighbors won’t be pleased if I keep running around without any. But it sounds so nice!